Things to do before Thursday

So we’ve had our first class meeting, and we will meet again on Thursday morning.

Before then, you should read the Required Work page and make sure you’re comfortable with the structure of the class and the assignments. Questions? You can reply to this post if you like, or email me privately, or ask in class.

The first assignment due will be the Twitter Scavenger Hunt — as I mentioned in class, you’ll need to be in Gainesville and have a good chunk of free time Sept. 4–7 to complete this assignment. You must NOT do any of the tasks before the end of class on Sept. 4! I want all the tweeting, retweeting and replies to happen only on those four days: Sept 4–7. Reason: You’ll be checking your colleagues’ tweets during the same time.

The Course Schedule is almost complete, but I’m still working out some of the readings. Deadlines for assignments are all there now.

The following can be found only on the Syllabus:

  • Course objectives
  • Academic dishonesty policy
  • Students with disabilities information
  • Course deadlines and makeup work policy
  • Grade scale for this course
  • Course evaluations information

On Thursday we’ll discuss whether you should start a new Twitter account for use in this course, or use one you already have (if possible, you should use one you already have, but there will be some exceptions). One important thing is to use your real name. That is a professional MUST DO. 

Please complete the form I sent to you (a link to the form is in an email I sent Tuesday morning). Check your Gatorlink email once a day to stay on top of communications from your professors. 


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