Class update for week of Sept. 8–12

Mark your calendars for Thursday night next week: Mark Little of Storyful (note: not Storify) will be speaking in Gannett Auditorium in Weimer Hall starting at 6:30 p.m. (Sept. 18).

Check him out on Twitter: @marklittlenews 

He founded a unique company that finds and verifies social media produced by all kinds of people — not news organizations — and often licenses that content for sale to news organizations. It was quite an original idea, which is why Mark was invited to be the first speaker in our college’s Innovators Series.

Extra credit will be given to any student who live-blogs Mark’s talk using the hashtag #smmuf — figure out how to do it well, and you can earn some juicy points.

Coming up Thursday: Guest speaker Jeff Huffman will illuminate us about more inside workings of the INC. Details on the Course Schedule. 

Things I highlighted in class on Tuesday:

The NPR assignment is linked on the Course Schedule. Check your deadline there by opening the grid I showed in class. The date at the top of the column is the LAST DAY of your week. You have a deadline EACH DAY for five days in a row. The assignment explains all of it, so please read it carefully — and of course, ASK ME if anything is unclear. You’ll be getting a pass/fail grade EACH DAY, so any day you miss is a zero. Jordan, Jose and Olivia start this week. 

Quote from Lauren McCullough:

“I think many journalists balk at the open-ended challenge of creating their personal Twitter strategy. What works for one journalist won’t work for another. In those first daunting days, it can be tough to see the eventual benefits.”

Make sure you have read the list of five concrete lessons from highly-followed journalists on Twitter. 


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