Course Schedule changes

Today I updated the Course Schedule pretty thoroughly. All the dates for your presentations AND the Nick Kristof assignment stay the same. Some readings and topics have been moved around. I did manage to eliminate one more assignment. (You’re welcome!)

Remember to check the grid for your assigned dates. If you have any questions about the exact date when YOUR presentation or YOUR Kristof assignment is due, either email me or post a reply to this post and ask me. First, read the assignment instructions closely. I think your exact date will be clear to you if you do that.

The date at the top of a grid column is the date of Monday in that week. This should not be too hard to figure out!

Something you should look ahead to: Your LIVE TWEETING (or live blogging) assignment. I have given you a long time frame for this (Oct. 30–Nov. 17) because I want you to choose an event you are interested in. Even though there are blocks on the grid for this assignment, we will not put any of your names into the blocks. You can just pick an event during that time frame and cover it — live!

There is one important rule for the live tweeting assignment, and that is, you MUST send me advance notice of the event you are going to cover. I want to follow your tweets live! So do not wait until the day of the event to email details to me. That also gives me veto power in case you chose an unworthy event. For example, you cannot live tweet any sports. Sorry, but no.


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