Starting your social media journal

You will make posts every week in this public online journal. The rationale and the audience are explained on the Required Work page. Grading is also explained there.

Your journal must be written in a Tumblr blog. Start a new, named Tumblr blog for this purpose. Do not use a Tumblr blog that you had before, and do not use the default Tumblr blog (be very aware of this difference, because you don’t want to post for your journal into the wrong Tumblr blog).

Create a new Tumblr

Step 1: Open Account menu. Select “New.”


Step 2: Name and create a new blog.


Meeting the deadline for the assignment

To allow me and others to find your journal, reply to this post (“Leave a comment”) with the complete URL of your journal. Do this before 11:59 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 13. PLEASE press Enter/Return after the URL to make it clickable. Your comment/reply URL will look similar to this:

NOTE: It must NOT look like this:

That second link can only be opened by me, the owner/author. That is useless to the rest of the world!

Change your theme

There are two ways to enter the theme editor.

From the Tumblr editor:


From the live Tumblr blog page:


Add Google Analytics

Do this as soon as possible to start collecting stats about visits to your blog. Here are the instructions:



Live blogging/live tweeting assignment

The assignment is here. Remember to email me at least 24 hours ahead of your event so I can think about whether the event is good enough for this assignment.

The assignment must be completed in this time frame: Thursday, March 19, to Monday, April 6 (inclusive).

Week 2 recap

Newsroom shifts begin next week, Jan. 19–23. Monday is a holiday, so no shifts on Monday. Some details about the shifts will be given in class on Tuesday, Jan. 20.

A schedule of all shifts can be seen here.

The Twitter Scavenger Hunt is under way from now (Jan. 15) until midnight Sunday. Find the link to the assignment on the Course Schedule under Week 3. Please do not forget your deadline on Monday, Jan. 19!

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Have a great weekend!

Recap of Week 1, Spring 2015

The class has met twice so far. Here are some important things to keep in mind.

Winter Is Coming

First of all, PLEASE STAY WARM!

ATTENDANCE COUNTS, starting Tuesday, Jan. 13. Nothing was lost if you missed class on Jan. 6 or 8, but from now on, you will lose points when you come late or you miss class.

You really need to check the Course Schedule page once a week. Assigned readings and due dates for homework are posted there. I might not remind you when you have a deadline, and it’s your responsibility to hand in all assigned work on time. Late work will not be accepted.

I expect you to know everything that is written in the Syllabus, so please read it carefully.

Please be sure to read ALL of the assigned readings BEFORE class on Tuesday. Find them on the Course Schedule page under Week 2.

NEWSROOM SHIFTS will start on Tuesday, Jan. 20. Details about shifts will be discussed in class next week.

TWITTER SCAVENGER HUNT: This is worth 10 percent of your course grade, so please check your calendars and the assignment itself (there’s a link on the Course Schedule page under Week 3) to make sure you are well prepared to do a good job. More about this next week in class.

Live-tweeting assignment

The live-tweeting assignment is detailed in a Google doc.

Each student must complete a live-tweeting assignment between Thursday, Oct. 30, and Monday, Nov. 17. You choose an activity or event in that timeframe.

Email me IN ADVANCE for approval: provide the date, time, and a description of the activity or event. Please READ the assignment thoroughly before emailing an event request to me.