Updates for 2017

This course is being updated for the Spring 2017 semester. In the past, a different version of this course required students to work a shift in the INC newsroom — that is NOT part of the new course.

The new course is very much focused on journalism and how journalists and their organizations use social media to advance their stories and their own personal brands. Social media is a vital part of the journalism ecosystem, and everyone who desires to become a part of the journalism field needs to understand social media.

For this course, you will be required to use various social media apps on your phone. These include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

When the Course Schedule for 2017 is complete, a new post will be added here. In the meantime, you can read About This Course.


Live blogging/live tweeting assignment

The assignment is here. Remember to email me at least 24 hours ahead of your event so I can think about whether the event is good enough for this assignment.

The assignment must be completed in this time frame: Thursday, March 19, to Monday, April 6 (inclusive).

Do not steal images!

Just because you give credit and link to the source of a photo DOES NOT mean you have PERMISSION to use a photo.

Read this: Photographer Wins $1.2 Million Lawsuit Over Images Taken From Twitter

What is permission? “Permission” means that the OWNER of the image explicitly said, in writing, that YOU may use the image. If you cannot show proof that you have that written permission, you are likely to be on shaky legal ground.

As a journalist you can CLAIM “fair use” — but claiming it DOES NOT make it true. Fair use is a tricky, complicated standard when it comes to copyrighted images. Do not expect a fair use lawsuit to end in your favor!

Who is the owner of a photo? You might see a lot of photos on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr that were posted by someone who IS NOT THE OWNER. Therefore, that person cannot give you permission. That person does not have the legal right to give permission for use of the image.

Audience engagement editor to speak to students Feb. 23

Ashley Ross (@Ashbrookeross), TIME audience engagement editor, will be Skyping into UF at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 23, in Florida Gym room 220 (for the Editing course lecture).

Ashley is a UF alum and winner of the j-school’s award for top magazine student. She has worked at SHAPE.com and Marie Claire and has been published in such places as The New York Times and Us Weekly.

All students are welcome to attend! Just show up. The room has plenty of seats.