What does an Audience Development Manager do?

I came across this job ad today: Audience Development Manager.

The long list of job duties includes:

“Determine the best opportunities for MentalFloss.com and TheWeek.com to reach new audiences and new platforms in a shifting online landscape.”

“Plan execute, and optimize all website to newsletter conversions. Working with the edit team, grow Mental Floss newsletters , determine ROI.”

“Initiate and maintain relationships with numerous media outlets, and their websites by both monitoring their content and making frequent contribution, links etc.

“Develop and keep updated a tracking dashboard for monthly traffic, page view and video view numbers using various research tools.”

There’s lots more at the link.


Audience engagement editor to speak to students Feb. 23

Ashley Ross (@Ashbrookeross), TIME audience engagement editor, will be Skyping into UF at 7:30 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 23, in Florida Gym room 220 (for the Editing course lecture).

Ashley is a UF alum and winner of the j-school’s award for top magazine student. She has worked at SHAPE.com and Marie Claire and has been published in such places as The New York Times and Us Weekly.

All students are welcome to attend! Just show up. The room has plenty of seats.

Two interesting examples (not from class)

I was on Storify for something else and saw these two things:

NPR made a Storify that they apparently updated throughout the Scotland voting. Several of you who were doing the NPR assignment noticed that NPR got very low engagement on tweets, Facebook posts, etc., that were about Scotland. I thought, well, I guess Americans don’t really care about Scotland.

And yet, this Storify got nearly 42,000 views. Not too shabby.

On Tuesday we will talk a bit about crowdsourcing as a journalism practice. In this Storify, Melody Kramer (a digital editor at NPR), explains with tweets how Twitter may have helped track down the suspects from a police surveillance video.


Oh, number of views on that second Storify? 349,692 so far.