Trolls and comments: This week’s journals


Troll graphic from Wikimedia Commons

Abby shared a good link: Why I Quit Twitter — and Left Behind 35,000 Followers. It demonstrates that not only female journalists are subject to brutal harassment online. She also embedded the video she referred to during class, in which a YouTuber SINGS the nasty comments people have written to her. It’s worth a watch! Overall I found Abby’s post the most interesting one this week.

Ray also shared a useful link, to a post about not feeding trolls. It discusses the trolls’ motivation for what they do, among other things.

In a post reflecting her experience with this week’s assignment, Nina shared possibly the best article I’ve seen yet comparing Snapchat and Instagram: Instagram Stories is stealing Snapchat’s users.



Some good journal entries


Above: Screenshot from Snapchat’s website promoting advertising on the app.

Michaela followed Arndt’s tips and saw a big increase in engagement on her Instagram posts! (Notice how I constructed that sentence so I could make links without using the word “here.”)

Other above-average posts this week:

Nina shared an article titled The Pros and Cons of Scheduling Your Social Media Posts and another related link.

Ray included a link to statistics about use of Snapchat by age group. (Too bad he did not also embed a screenshot of the graph in his post!)

Sara summarized useful points from Arndt’s post and added a link to a list of other Instagram tips. She paraphrased a couple of those tips that struck her as valuable.

Keep up the good work! Remember that you CAN include images in your posts if you follow the guidelines.

Captions on Instagram

My favorite post from the journals this week was this one, by Sara, because she made me think about something I had not thought much about before: captions on Instagram.

In her post, she linked to this Wall Street Journal blog post, which I had not seen before:

5 things to know about writing captions on Instagram

Several of your posts would have been improved by embedding an Instagram post as an example. Visuals are good! Here’s how to embed — and note that your Tumblr post has to be a video post to accept an embed.

Random post by me: