Some good journal entries


Above: Screenshot from Snapchat’s website promoting advertising on the app.

Michaela followed Arndt’s tips and saw a big increase in engagement on her Instagram posts! (Notice how I constructed that sentence so I could make links without using the word “here.”)

Other above-average posts this week:

Nina shared an article titled The Pros and Cons of Scheduling Your Social Media Posts and another related link.

Ray included a link to statistics about use of Snapchat by age group. (Too bad he did not also embed a screenshot of the graph in his post!)

Sara summarized useful points from Arndt’s post and added a link to a list of other Instagram tips. She paraphrased a couple of those tips that struck her as valuable.

Keep up the good work! Remember that you CAN include images in your posts if you follow the guidelines.


Starting your social media journal

You will make posts every week in this public online journal. The rationale and the audience are explained on the Required Work page. Grading is also explained there.

Your journal must be written in a Tumblr blog. Start a new, named Tumblr blog for this purpose. Do not use a Tumblr blog that you had before, and do not use the default Tumblr blog (be very aware of this difference, because you don’t want to post for your journal into the wrong Tumblr blog).

Create a new Tumblr

Step 1: Open Account menu. Select “New.”


Step 2: Name and create a new blog.


Meeting the deadline for the assignment

To allow me and others to find your journal, reply to this post (“Leave a comment”) with the complete URL of your journal. Do this before 11:59 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 13. PLEASE press Enter/Return after the URL to make it clickable. Your comment/reply URL will look similar to this:

NOTE: It must NOT look like this:

That second link can only be opened by me, the owner/author. That is useless to the rest of the world!

Change your theme

There are two ways to enter the theme editor.

From the Tumblr editor:


From the live Tumblr blog page:


Add Google Analytics

Do this as soon as possible to start collecting stats about visits to your blog. Here are the instructions: