Live blogging/live tweeting assignment

The assignment is here. Remember to email me at least 24 hours ahead of your event so I can think about whether the event is good enough for this assignment.

The assignment must be completed in this time frame: Thursday, March 19, to Monday, April 6 (inclusive).


A live-tweeting example

In case you missed it: Daniel Moran and Damaris were live-tweeting the interviews of the two finalists for the office of UF president on Wednesday, Oct. 15.

Here is a Storify of their tweets. Note the high numbers of RTs and faves on some of these!

Note that a crucial moment was the announcement of the new president, which came very swiftly after the interviews ended.

Photo below: A great shot by Damaris!

Live-tweeting assignment

The live-tweeting assignment is detailed in a Google doc.

Each student must complete a live-tweeting assignment between Thursday, Oct. 30, and Monday, Nov. 17. You choose an activity or event in that timeframe.

Email me IN ADVANCE for approval: provide the date, time, and a description of the activity or event. Please READ the assignment thoroughly before emailing an event request to me.

An example of live blogging

Yesterday, a small plane bound for Naples, Fla., went off course and headed toward Cuba. U.S. military jets followed. The situation was uncertain for about four hours.

Millionaire property developer and wife killed when light aircraft crashes off Jamaican coast

The Daily Mirror (a British tabloid) started a live-blog for the incident. It’s a little odd in that the oldest (earliest) event is at the top. In live blogging, usually we put the latest, newest event at the top. But otherwise this example serves as a good example of journalists following a breaking news situation and posting updates — all at a single URL — until the incident came to a conclusion.