Trolls and comments: This week’s journals


Troll graphic from Wikimedia Commons

Abby shared a good link: Why I Quit Twitter — and Left Behind 35,000 Followers. It demonstrates that not only female journalists are subject to brutal harassment online. She also embedded the video she referred to during class, in which a YouTuber SINGS the nasty comments people have written to her. It’s worth a watch! Overall I found Abby’s post the most interesting one this week.

Ray also shared a useful link, to a post about not feeding trolls. It discusses the trolls’ motivation for what they do, among other things.

In a post reflecting her experience with this week’s assignment, Nina shared possibly the best article I’ve seen yet comparing Snapchat and Instagram: Instagram Stories is stealing Snapchat’s users.



Some good journal entries


Above: Screenshot from Snapchat’s website promoting advertising on the app.

Michaela followed Arndt’s tips and saw a big increase in engagement on her Instagram posts! (Notice how I constructed that sentence so I could make links without using the word “here.”)

Other above-average posts this week:

Nina shared an article titled The Pros and Cons of Scheduling Your Social Media Posts and another related link.

Ray included a link to statistics about use of Snapchat by age group. (Too bad he did not also embed a screenshot of the graph in his post!)

Sara summarized useful points from Arndt’s post and added a link to a list of other Instagram tips. She paraphrased a couple of those tips that struck her as valuable.

Keep up the good work! Remember that you CAN include images in your posts if you follow the guidelines.