A live-tweeting example

In case you missed it: Daniel Moran and Damaris were live-tweeting the interviews of the two finalists for the office of UF president on Wednesday, Oct. 15.

Here is a Storify of their tweets. Note the high numbers of RTs and faves on some of these!

Note that a crucial moment was the announcement of the new president, which came very swiftly after the interviews ended.

Photo below: A great shot by Damaris!


Two interesting examples (not from class)

I was on Storify for something else and saw these two things:

NPR made a Storify that they apparently updated throughout the Scotland voting. Several of you who were doing the NPR assignment noticed that NPR got very low engagement on tweets, Facebook posts, etc., that were about Scotland. I thought, well, I guess Americans don’t really care about Scotland.

And yet, this Storify got nearly 42,000 views. Not too shabby.

On Tuesday we will talk a bit about crowdsourcing as a journalism practice. In this Storify, Melody Kramer (a digital editor at NPR), explains with tweets how Twitter may have helped track down the suspects from a police surveillance video.


Oh, number of views on that second Storify? 349,692 so far.